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Our Belief

It is our belief that success will come in many stages and through many channels.

We believe that we can make a difference with a heart of love for these youth.

We believe that through our program we can counteract recidivism by replacing destructive behavior with productive life skills and habits.

We believe that positive reinforcement can help these young people, along with regular therapy/counseling and support groups.

We believe that each youth needs someone to ensure that education guidelines are being followed, and that this is our job.

We believe that having a higher power can provide the opportunity for spiritual enrichment, and can replace pain and hurt with hope and happiness.

We realize the importance of working closely with families, and believe that it really does take a village to raise a child.

We understand that some youth will need our assistance in developing skills to be integrated back into their homes and with their parents, and for others we will serve as surrogate parents as they prepare to be properly placed in foster care with combined family lifestyles.

The Carter’s Kids staff embraces each opportunity we get to deposit positive seeds into each youth, and each family that we come in contact with.

“We stand confident that every youth that comes through our program will be prepared to accomplish whatever they set out to do.”